Happy New Year 2010

Happy New Year!  I am confident that 2010 can be a great year if we maintain ourselves alert, aligned and healthy.  The correlation between bad decisions and loss of physical  and spiritual alignment always amazes me.

Dadi Janki, is a spiritual leader in the Brahma Kumaris faith talks in her book Companion of God , about becoming a spiritual warrior.  My interpretation of one of the passages is that the spiritual warrior needs to be virtuous and true to self.  She mentions that this spiritual warrior is alert and “… when even one soul is alert, there is safety for many.”  In a time so turbulent and confusing, I would like to propose that we become more alert and conscious of our influence on others.  The transformation to becoming a “spiritual warrior” does not always involve public demonstrations.  More often it happens in a peaceful transformation recognizing we are much more powerful in our thoughts and actions when we are aligned with the universe.

Two summers ago, Alexander Bohlander, Polestar Licensee for Germany and I spent a week with Deepak Chopra and his spiritually evolved team in Dublin, Ireland.  It was a beautiful experience.  This spiritual journey helped me to realize that I was a steward of the gifts that I have been given.  Even the property I pay a mortgage for every month, is not mine.  Instead, I am the steward who takes care of it; making it a beautiful, inviting and peaceful place, where nurturing and love reside.

It is my prayer this year we can physically, mentally and spiritually  align ourselves in a way that helps us to realize our purpose in life:  Joy will manifest itself when we are focused on showing compassion for others, serving others, avoiding taking offense, being humble and discovering unconditional love; even through the most tragic of life’s experiences.

At Polestar, we want to be more than just your physical therapy, more than your Pilates or GYROTONIC®  training, more than a diploma to teach Pilates.  We want to be a source of your well being…the place where you can align yourself physically and mentally through mindful exercises with attentive movement teachers, the place where you come to strengthen your connection to the universal mind.  All of us on the Polestar team, are consciously striving to improve our awareness so that we can better serve you and your family.




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  1. Dear Brent,

    Just wanted to let you know that I finally took some time to read your article on Discipline & your 4 blog commentaries. So very encouraging & thought provoking. I especially related very much to the (lack of) self-responsibility in healthcare, in today’s fast pace, “take-a-pill or cut it off” mentality. With the astronomical increase in healthcare costs & insurance — we really can’t afford to get sick (& God forbid if we have a pre-existing condition)! As an Dancer/Fitness/Pilates Instructor, Health Educator & 20-yr cancer survivor I truly appreciate your convicting concept of “Who is in charge of your health?” In fact that is one of the opening statements in one of my Wellness Lectures that has been a standard for the past 20+ years. In order to survive in these changing & challenging times it’s crucial to try & balance our mental, physical, emotional & spiritual components with disciplined self-care & preventive health measures (not always an easy task). And perhaps by using our God-given gifts to humbly serve others some of us may be able to achieve that balance as we move towards our destinies in good health & with purpose & peace.

    Thank you & the Polestar staff for all you do & for allowing me to share my thoughts. Hope to be back soon. With much faith & appreciation,
    Cathee Connor

    • Thanks for your feedback Cathee, it is good to know that others are sharing the same information. I am certain that eventually there will be a critical mass that changes the way the world sees HEALTH.

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