Thanksgiving 2012

Dear friends and family of Polestar,
Over the past three months I have been on a tour of the Asia Pacific rim and Brazil presenting at the regional Polestar conferences. I had the privilege of being surrounded by some of the best people in the world. My heart is full as I have seen the Polestar vision in effect. I enjoyed the stories from many of you pertaining to how Pilates has impacted so many lives in your local communities through your hard work and vision. I hope you will share those stories with us in writing so we can share them worldwide and inspire others to take action in their communities. I had the chance to rekindle relationships and observe a beauty that only comes through discipline and maturity.
The theme of the conference in Brazil was “Maturing Actively” and as I reflected on that theme I realized we as a company have been maturing. In Australia and New Zealand the themes were similar as they focused on “Whole Body Health” with an emphasis on mental and spiritual health. We learned about many of the factors that influence our health and how Joe Pilates had designed a formula that could ensure our health if we were disciplined to follow his guidelines; “…exercise, good diet and hygiene, plenty of sleep, fresh air, sunshine and a balance between work, recreation and rest.” As we delved into these topics we quickly realized how the first requisite for happiness is a healthy body, mind and spirit. There were so many great presentations by mature Polestar educators and guest speakers that exemplified the Polestar Vision. In Asia, the conference theme was “Free to Be Sure”, where we were able to develop advanced skills and knowledge. This further leads us through the professional maturation process, affording us increased confidence and the ability to participate in the NOW. Our collective experiences move our thought process beyond the schematics of problem solving and into the realm of intuition with an ability to tap into a higher source of light, creativity and truth. I truly feel inspired by the maturation of our company around the world and am so thankful for the new generation of leaders within the Polestar family that are carrying the vision forward to new heights.
We are quickly approaching the holiday season and my favorite holiday Thanksgiving. This American holiday is designed to be a time to express gratitude. I often have joked that it is my favorite holiday because I get to eat great food, be with the family and don’t have to buy gifts for anyone. The commercial world has not yet figured out how to capitalize on this holiday. However, the real reason I love this holiday so much is the focus on gratitude.
As crazy as our world seems there are still so many things to be grateful for. I know recently and throughout the year even in our Polestar family, we have lost loved ones to disease, accidents, war and even depression. Some have experienced significant loss whether it is financial ruin, broken relationships, foreclosed homes and health, which often leads us to the questions like “Who am I”, “What do I Want”, and “What is my Purpose”. These questions are as old as the ages and if we find ourselves pondering them we can be assured that if we listen very closely there is a still, small voice that will whisper the answer to us. My prayer is that we hear that soft whisper that acknowledges our worth to humanity and confirms that we are loved by God unconditionally, even with all of our flaws and imperfections we are perfectly loved. I know each of us is loved! This love allows us to detach from life’s crises and convert it into a life lesson and find the beauty and learning that can come from difficult times. I am so thankful for the lessons life has afforded me and the strength that I have been able to gain from many of these challenges. I know many reading this letter have suffered some challenges that seem unbearable and it is my prayer that you will feel that sweet comfort that exceeds all rational thought and provides solace in our deepest corners. I reiterate that I know God loves each of us without a shadow of doubt and for this I am eternally grateful. May we all find gratitude in the simple and beautiful things surrounding us, the sun that rises, the heart that beats, the air we breathe, the hands we hold and yes the food we eat, but most importantly the fact that we are loved unconditionally by an eternal source of light, creativity, knowledge and compassion.
Filled with Gratitude,

Brent D. Anderson


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