Merry CHRISTmas

Throughout the year I have the amazing opportunity to share spiritual and emotional moments with people from all around the world and from all different faiths and creeds. I have always believed that for me to do that successfully, it is imperative that I speak with non-denominational vocabulary and that I include everyone so that collectively we have the opportunity to increase our consciousness and get a little closer to what Deepak Chopra refers to as the “Critical Mass”. The Critical Mass that will shift the state of our universe from one of unconsciousness to one of consciousness, and one of war to one of peace. Where transparency and peace are the norm and violence and dishonesty are the rarity.

Most everyone I associate with knows that I am LDS (a Mormon) and one of my favorite passages in the Book of Mormon is found in 4 Nephi. The setting is after Christ visited the saints and established a peaceful order. For more than two-hundred years they lived in peace. There were no poor among them. They were rich in spirit and body, and there were no manner of “ites”; No Republican-ites, Democratic-ites, Socialist-ites, Black-ites, White-ites, Muslim-ites, Hindu-ites, Buddha-ites, Mormon-ites, Catholic-ites, Baptist-ites, Jew-ites, atheist-ites or any manner of “ites”. They became one people with a single purpose, to be pure in heart. I try to imagine how one visit from a spiritual being could affect a people for generations. How does an entire people become one in purpose, blessed with knowledge of the mysteries of the universe, gifts of creativity that exceed our imagination, gifts of healing that defy even the best modern-day medicine and most importantly unconditional love that overcomes all prejudice and ignorance?

I would like to take this opportunity to share my personal feelings and beliefs during this time of year when we celebrate Christ’s birth. Yes, I am a Christian. In my heart I praise His teachings of unconditional love, peace, forgiveness, mercy, justice and becoming pure like a child . I rejoice in His life and the fact that He is my Redeemer and most of all I share the sentiment of the prophet Alma where he wishes he were an angel with a trump to declare to the world that they should “…come‍ unto our God, that there might not be more sorrow upon all the face of the earth.” Alma 29:1-3.

It is my sincere prayer and wish that this Christmas we might all reflect on the peace that He teaches us. That we might look for the spiritual commonalities found in honesty, peace, love, compassion and true happiness. I also hope that we will have the courage to stand up for the beliefs that bring peace and joy into a world tormented with grief and sorrow. May we all look to the true source of joy and peace every day of our lives.

Merry Christmas,



2 responses to “Merry CHRISTmas

  1. my man Brent… may the polestar continue to bring joy and peace into the world… seen.

  2. Dear Brent,
    Thank you for sharing your heartfelt feelings with us. It is always wonderful to hear a man of God share his feelings, and every time you share yours my spirit lights up with joy and hope. I pray to our Heavenly Father to bless and keep you and your beautiful family under his wings always.
    I love you, thanks for existing!

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