If you need something to do this weekend…



“…it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail.”

-Abraham Maslow


I know I already posted today, but I read this quote and it was just too good!!

Don’t treat your clients like nails!

Add more tools to your teaching toolbox and join us in Salt Lake City this weekend (Jan 17-19) for Advanced Assessment I, taught by the beautiful, knowledgeable, Amy B. Broekemeier, DPT, CMPT, PMA ®-CPT. 

This course will cover: 
1. Intake ​& ​Interviewing ​skills ​ 
legal ​and ​professional ​requirements ​ 
forms ​for ​client’s ​medical, ​health ​and ​fitness ​status 
formal ​intake ​procedure ​ 

2. Advanced ​Assessment ​of ​the ​Head, ​Neck, ​Spine ​and ​Pelvis ​ (We all need this!)
Polestar ​Pilates ​Screening ​and ​interpretation ​skills 
Static ​and ​dynamic ​postural ​assessment ​identifying ​asymmetries (And this too!)

You can register here.