Monday Funday – Diagonals

We’d like to start including one post a week that includes a fun variation. We’d love any photos or ideas from you! If you have fun adaptations, progressions or choreography for an exercise, please share it! Email with any submissions. 


To start things off, here’s one of my favorite exercises for “finding” diagonals. It’s a spinoff of basic quadruped with an added balance challenge.

Put a box lengthwise on a reformer.

I use 1 light spring for the greatest challenge, though I usually start people out on 1 heavy spring if they are unstable.

Once you’ve got your box set up, you can do any number of quadruped variations. I’m just doing alternating arm and leg reaches here.




You can also add some arm and leg work with straps. I use 1 light spring for armwork, and 1 medium spring for legwork. (only armwork demonstrated in the photo)




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