The Situation of Modern Healthcare… And What We Can Do About It.


Some personal insight into modern healthcare by Dr. Brent Anderson.

Please join us over the next twelve weeks as we explore different topics regarding modern healthcare. We would love your input as we delve into these different topics!

Modern Day Health Care

I chose to go into healthcare some 30 years ago with a dream of being able to help people be healthy.  Over the years I have become disconcerted like many of my colleagues as to the meaning of health care in today’s world.  As PHARMA grows and the insurance world becomes more and more comprehensive to the point that it has removed our individual responsibility to truly be healthy.  We have created what some have referred to as a “Chronic Disease Management System” instead of a “Health Promoting System”.  Some years ago at a professional physiotherapy meeting Carl De Rosa, one of my favorite minds in our profession made the statement that as physical therapists we need to include in our practice act “Health Promotion”.

As a young PT and Pilates teacher in the early 90’s I learned that real health would always be built on an internal discipline and desire to achieve health.  Don’t get me wrong, I have had my share of trauma that required good pharmacy and even surgery; however, it should not be our first defense against disease and trauma.  The more serious we take our health the more likely we are to follow the simple formulas that lead to healthy and happy lifestyles.

I will be making a series of posts and inviting my colleagues and clients to contribute to the discussion or returning to a healthy lifestyle and creating a critical mass of people in our society that want to take the responsibility of our health back.  What this means is that we don’t have the false expectation that our health depends upon an insurance company, government “chronic disease management strategies”, employers, worker’s compensation and especially the magic pill.

I will follow a simple formula that dates back to Ayervedic and Chinese philosophies, Greek health philosophies and more recently health leaders like Joseph Pilates(….).

  • Week 1: Exercise and Movement
  • Week 2: Nutrition, Food is Medicine
  • Week 3: Sleep Habits
  • Week 4: Hygiene (physical, mental and spiritual)
  • Week 5: Plenty of fresh air, sunshine and earth
  • Week 6: Work discipline
  • Week 7: Strong desire to play and recreate
  • Week 8: Constructive rest (meditation, prayer, active pondering)
  • Week 9: Happy Careers
  • Week 10: Financial Stability
  • Week 11: Building healthy relationships (self, others and the universe)
  • Week 12: Self Actualization

I would like this to be a community library of content, questions, discussion and consciousness.  If you have an expertise or interest in any of these areas please feel free to add content, link, comment, critique, and share or just enjoy the content.

Get a Life, a Polestar Life!