Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to Polestar Friends and Family,

2015 is quickly approaching; the New Year always brings with it a renewal or the ability to refresh and change. I love that concept. We have the ability through our choice to renew or change the direction of our course in life.

As many of you know, I have been particularly interested in the power of perception over the past 10 years. How our perception affects pain, function and wellbeing. This New Year is a great time to evaluate our own perception of life. Is our perception in alignment with the universe? Are we making decisions that follow our passion or calling in life? Are we making decisions to maximize our potential, as Joseph Pilates declared in his whole body health and whole body commitment guiding principles? Are we creating our fingerprint in the profession as it pertains to a special niche or skill that we desire to develop?

It excites me to know that I can always align myself better to source and true north. One of my favorite meditations for alignment stems from Buddha’s three questions:

  1. Who am I? There is no wrong answer but when we exhaust the ego’s definitions of who we think we are, it is worth it to dive deep into more non-local answers of who we really are.
  2. What do I want? Knowing what we really want in life is priceless; we are often easily deceived when we think that material things make us happy. Look deeper!
  3. What is my Purpose? Every person has a unique purpose in life, there are no mistakes, and the question is whether or not we are maximizing our potential.

When I begin this meditation, I start with 10 deep breaths “SOOOO-HUMMMM” then I repeat the questions in my mind, take time to listen. At the end take in a deep breath as if you could inhale all of the possible answers to your questions, when you exhale, imagine you are turning everything over to the universe and trust that your true self and purpose will be manifested to you at the right time and the right place.

May your New Year be filled with understanding, growth, health and love is my prayer.

Happy New Year,